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Fox News Magazine
Slimmer is the #1 bestselling diet book in Greece and it was just released for the first time in America on June 5th. Featuring light, delicious Mediterranean food, it’s the perfect summer fare. For a limited time the ebook will be available for $2.99.


The Suburban Jungle
Where this book shines is as a cookbook. The recipe section is fantastic. The meals are made from whole foods, are SUPER easy to make, and include almost every type of dinner recipe imaginable (using Mediterranean ingredients of course.) … The recipes will probably remind you of things your mom or grandma used to make. Good, hearty meals full of lean protein and vegetables. Soups, casseroles, roasted meats. Yummy stuff that is surprisingly easy to make.


Geeky Girl Reviews
I do not usually review diet books but this one sounded interesting so I gave it a shot. The recipes in this book are awesome and very yummy and I really like the meal plans. I have tried the recipe above (note: Mediterranean Chickpea Salad) and I absolutely loved it. It is very flavourful and very easy to make. I love this book but I just wish there were photos of at least some of the recipes so that I can see how they look like but other than that this book is fantastic. So far I am just done my first week but I so far do not feel like I am starving like some diets I have tried.  I highly recommend this.


Diets in Review
Slimmer is a well-researched, very well-written book that we have no reservations recommending.

Papas’ new version of the Mediterranean diet is not only a delicious way to eat, but also heart-healthy, fairy inexpensive and entirely sustainable.

The more than 80 recipes included look delicious, creative and surprisingly healthy. And the clearly-outlined diet plan divided up into cycles makes the nine-week process of weight loss seem more attainable and easy to follow.

We also love that Papas is not only a registered dietitian who has followed the diet to lose more than 100 pounds himself, but is also the founder of a health and diet center and Greece where he has successfully prescribed the diet to thousands if not millions of people who have achieved weight loss and a better quality of life with the Slimmer approach.

In summary, we highly recommend this book to anyone looking to slim down the healthy and happy way.

Written by a registered dietitian
Modeled after the popular Mediterranean Diet
Backed by Seven Countries Study
Includes detailed eating plan
Includes more than 80 recipes
Includes instruction on maintenance once desired weight loss is achieved
Has a number of positive testimonies
Internationally popular and respected
Includes instruction on the psychological struggles of weight loss

None to speak of

This is a fabulous book!

It’s a diet plan and a cookbook. Even if you’re not wanting to go on a diet, these recipes are wonderful. Slimmer is proof that diet food doesn’t need to taste like “diet food.”

Here are a few of the stand out recipes:

  • Shrimp With Garlic Aioli
  • Greek Style Phyllo Calzone
  • Sole with Oregano and Lemon
  • Pasta Alfredo  – Yes, Pasta Alfredo!!!

In addition to the recipes, there is helpful information to help you get on track. You’ll understand the concepts behind the plan, so that you can develop new habits and lose weight.

The author has followed his own plan. Since he has had his own personal success with it, he is well qualified to help the rest of us.


Book Chickdi

Slimmer: The New Mediterranean Way To Lose Weight is the result of (Harry Papas’s) knowledge and experience in losing the weight. Papas is from Greece, and he learned that there was study done in the 1960s, entitled The Seven Countries Study, that concluded that Japan and Greece had the lowest rates of coronary artery disease and low levels of serum cholesterol.

Papas discovered that the Greek diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, dairy products (higher protein Greek yogurt has recently become popular in the United States), olive oil and wine and vinegar have contributed to the healthier Greek population.

Most of the above I had already known, but the vinegar one was new to me. Including vinegar and lemon juice at a meal reduces blood glucose levels and helps to burn fat intake. It would be easy to whip up a vinegar/lemon juice and olive oil dressing to add to salads or to marinate a protein in. He suggests using organic vinegars and avoiding those with added sugar.


Chic Galleria
Released for the first time in America: Join the hundreds of thousands who have lost weight and kept it off for good with this bestselling diet book from the Mediterranean, featuring over 80 delicious, fat-burning, easy-to-make recipes.

In just one year, Harry Papas gained 110 pounds. Then he lost it all for life. Papas, a certified dietician in Greece, shed the pounds by creating a simple yet revolutionary nutrition plan: a delicious, fat-burning Mediterranean diet coupled with the self-awareness he needed to combat the triggers that contributed to his weight gain.


My Bits and Bleeps’s Blog
Slimmer is the #1 bestselling diet book in Greece and it will be released for the first time in America on June 5th. Featuring light, delicious Mediterranean food, it’s the perfect summer fare.  This book doubles as a fantastic cookbook – the recipes are worth their weight in gold!  Hundreds of thousands have successfully lost weight and kept if off for good – including Harry Papas himself!

Slimmer-The New Mediterranean Way to Lose Weight, by Harry Papas, is an empowering tool for those of us that struggle with our weight loss.  Harry truly understands the struggles of being overweight; through patience and determination it is possible to achieve one’s goals.  Positive thoughts, and reinforcing them throughout the difficult battle is definitely a way to create a pathway toward your final goal.  The author helps the reader to look deeply within, and to evaluate all his/her feelings and reasons for the desire to lose weight.  Emotional turmoil can certainly set up barriers; however, analysing all aspects can help ease the pain and can potentially tear down those barriers too!

Harry’s writing style is simple, and easy to understand; however, the dietary lifestyle, explained in this weight loss book/cookbook, might be similar to one you already lead!  I, being of European descent (perhaps not quite Mediterranean), my meals already include plenty of fruits, veges, whole grains, olive oil, vino, low fat protein and low fat dairy … ok, ok, maybe not always!  There’s no point in restricting carbs … you and I both know what’ll happen!  There’s also no point in counting calories either; neither of these two weight loss methods are used in Slimmer.  Thank goodness!    There are approximately 80 recipes … all sound simply wonderful, and I can’t wait to try many of them!

Yes, testimonials and success stories are fabulous to read; however, I’m mostly impressed by the fact that the author has first-hand experience with the struggles of weight loss.  Not only has he taken off the weight, he’s kept it off as well.


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